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I have several friends who are physical therapists, and one with 25+ years in the practice referred me to Lorrain Mackay Doucet and Omni Therapy. She's the best clinician I've ever received treatment from. A lifelong learner, she treats patients holistically with unmatched diagnostic skills. She is hands on for the duration of the treatment. The clinic is warm and inviting, with a friendly staff and paraprofessionals who offer additional services, such as massage therapy. I highly recommend Omni for anyone with a sports or age-related injury or those living with chronic or recurring musculoskeletal pain.
K. Alexander
“Marieke’s knowledge and quality of care helped relieve my cervical dystonia symptoms. I can enjoy life with my family and friends. I always know when I have a flare-up that she will be able to find a solution.”
S. Brown
"Excellent clinic! Lorraine is a complete professional and understands the body at a level that is rare in most mainstream medical clinics. She is a licensed physical therapist with healing hands. Thanks Lorraine!"
D. DeArmond
“Since my late 20s, I’ve had numerous issues, enough to have pain all the time. I’ve dealt with degenerative neck disease, arthritis, Plantar fasciitis, back and hip problems and joint replacements. Marieke turned things around for me. She showed me that through manual manipulation, dry needling and exercise, I could live almost pain free. She has truly changed my life.”
D. Denstorff
I was unable to lift my left arm due to a frozen shoulder. The most difficult, but extremely important task was not [being] able to put deodorant under my opposite arm. [It] felt so good the day I could raise my arm and reach across to accomplish my task.
R. Kennard